The Coin of Love Series by Karin Kallmaker
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The Coin of Love Series: Women are gifted the magic they need to find the love they deserve. Each story features sapphic happy-ever-afters in unforgettable settings.

The Coin of Love Series can be read in any order. The stories are connected by the presence of a magical coin that decides if the woman holding it deserves its powers. With subtle and not-so-subtle suggestions and guidance, Nomisma is the courage that some women need to see the obvious happiness that is right in front of them.

Some stories are set in the distant past, others could be happening right now. Living situations for women vary across time, and yet they can (and certainly did!) find love with each other. Sometimes through compromise and subterfuge. Sometimes able to be gloriously, unapologetically open about their love.

Every story is inspired by a subject or place I wanted to explore where I could highlight how sapphic women survive and thrive. Often they begin with the question, “How would it feel to be…”.

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  • A glowing young black woman with natural hair and red lips looks over her shoulder through mottled light at the Grand Canal and skyline of St. Marcos Plaza in Venice. A glass of deep red wine is in the foregound. A Coin of Love Romance, Velvet in Venice, Karin Kallmaker, Goldie and Lammy Winning Author
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    All About Velvet in Venice
    The allure of Venice keeps Artie Bryson happily buried in the past. Until the night Nikki Velvet's sultry voice lures Artie into the Casino di Venezia cabaret. And the night after that...
  • A white woman with mottled skin and braided, shaggy red hair, is wearing a shoulder and chest armor. Her hands are resting on a double edged winged axe. Text reads, A Coin of Love Romance, Knight of Nights, Karin Kallmaker, Goldie and Lammy Award Winner
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    All About Knight of Nights
    In a time of knights and magic, under moonlight and starfire, two hearts find the path to each other.
  • A forty-something blonde white woman in a simple black dress that reveals her neck and shoulders is driving an old-fashioned car as sun streams onto her through the windshield. "A Coin of Love Romance, Wind in Her Hair, Goldie and Lammy Winner Karin Kallmaker"
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    All About Wind in Her Hair
    Longing to escape from her conventional, constrained life, Irene Carson is on a road trip to romance but doesn’t know it. Yet.
  • Cover Checked Out, a Coin of Love Romance by Karin Kallmaker. Features a brown-reddish haired woman peering from behind an open bright green book. A holiday santa hat ornament dangles from the title.
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    All About Checked Out
    Ask a small town librarian a few questions - what could be difficult about that? Agent Peri Garritsen is in way over her head.
  • A young woman lit with neon squiggles of orange and red light is wearing a glittery jacket. She is holding a microphone above her mouth. In the background are charred pages of musical staves. Text reads, A Coin of Love Romance, Covered Heart, Karin Kallmaker Goldie and Lammy Award Winner
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    All About Covered Hearts
    There's only one of her old songs that matters to punk-diva-turned-celebrity-chef Devi Raven, and she's not going to let an autotuned pop star with bubble gum for a soul sing it.