book cover Simply the Best romance woman walking on beach holding high heels

Cynical New York journalist Alice Cabot isn’t about to succumb to the charms of California’s beaches, fake Hollywood glamour, or simply perfect Pepper Addington.

book cover Touchwood 30th Anniversary Edition hand drawing of a book, coffee mug and bookshelves

A pre-Stonewall survivor. An out, proud woman of the Gay 90s. Decades separate them. Passion – and books – ignite them. Even when the world disapproves, love finds a way. The author’s cut of this beloved classic.

book cover Painted Moon 25th Anniversary Edition

Stranded together in a snowbound cabin, Jackie Frakes and Leah Beck’s lives will never be the same. The 25th Anniversary edition includes two additional short stories and a foreword by the author.

book cover Because I Said So Goldie winner lesbian romance

Josie and Paz want to get married but their respective guardians scoff at the very idea of love at first sight. So they arrange for Kesa and Shannon to meet…

cover reunited by Karin Kallmaker

Viola’s been away for six weeks and Dana doesn’t want to wait until after a party to reunite and reignite their love. Explicit and very romantic!

cover If Only They Knew short story

Another boring rubber chicken dinner leaves “old, married couple” Cheri and Margot determined to make it memorable. Explicitly sexy and very romantic.

cover all about her short story

Jac tells her best friend an erotic story of deep connection, hoping her lady love will read between the lines. Explicit, hot and brimming with intimacy. 5 flame heat index!

cover the curve of her short story

Deeply in love with the much younger Rayann, Louisa is certain she will discover new truths and pleasures – if only they can get alone time.

book cover Pas de Trois lesbian short story

Helen and Diana have one thing in common: they both loved Edie. As they sit together at Edie’s wake, their mutual grief forms a bond that takes a surprising turn.

book cover my lady lipstick lesbian romance goldie winner

Diana Beckinsale is the most alluring woman Paris Ellison has ever met, but Paris can’t condone her madcap plans. Not when Diana is a completely different woman every time they meet. It’s all fun and games until somebody loses her heart.

book cover chagall windows stained glass and candle flame unbeliever by Karin Kallmaker

Hayley Carnegie‘s life is complicated by a mysterious book of blank pages – and an alluring new neighbor who challenges everything Hayley doesn’t believe in, including love.

short stories

Short stories multiply. It’s hard to know if you’ve read one before and nobody likes buying anything twice. This index will help.

cover fish out of water by Karin Kallmaker

A Fish Out of Water: The 77th daughter of the Mer queen is irrevocably bound to a human woman by a deadly curse. Stripped of her voice, Ariel must find a way to save them both.

livres bucher libros

Karin Kallmaker’s novels have been translated into German, French and Spanish. Refer a friend who would be happier reading in one of these languages to these lesbian-focused publishers.

cover, Castle Wrath by Karin Kallmaker

Castle Wrath: When California girl Brittany Brannigan inherits a remote, storm-drenched castle, she doesn’t expect romance, sex and intrigue as part of the deal. Or a curiously attractive caretaker.

bundle cover long term lesbian lovers for couples

Three exquisite short stories by Karin Kallmaker explore explicit play between long-term lovers where practice makes perfect: “Any Morning,” “Shooting Star” and “Firelight Fantasia.”

book cover captain of industry lesbian romance

What happens when passionate attraction gets in the way of cherished dreams? Strong women like Jennifer Lamont and Suzanne Mason can have everything – except each other. Companion to Stepping Stone.

cover steam across the hall collection

Three stories of lesbian discovery and sensuality from the archives of Karin Kallmaker: “The Butch Across the Hall,” “Ice and Fire” and “Salt.”

cover romance white and pink rose petals

Three stories of lesbian love and sensuality from the archives of the award-winning Karin Kallmaker: “Do Overs”, “You Can’t Win if You Don’t Play” and “Lilith.”

story cover butch across the hall exterior building

Humor, tenderness and high-erotic energy combine when an inexperienced lesbian finds the courage to knock on her neighbor’s door. Reader favorite!

story cover ice and fire cadillac mountain

Romantic, intimate fun is what happens when a hike in the high country provides privacy for an adventurous couple.

cover comfort and joy lesbian holiday romance

Home from Afghanistan to surprise her mother, Milla doesn’t expect more than the best apple pie in the world and the bliss of unrationed hot showers. She’s not counting on futures — or meeting a woman like Tyna.

book cover love by the numbers science romance

“She has no idea who she’s dealing with!” It’s hate at first sight for Dr. Nicole Hathaway and her new assistant, Lily Linden-Smith.

cover 10 quick easy salads plus two more stories

Three short stories featuring the lesbian courtship dance (with a lusty look at food and drink) from the archives of Karin Kallmaker: “10 Quick and Easy Salads”, “Last Call” and “Especial de la Casa.”

book cover roller coaster lesbian romance

Laura Izmani is glad of her new client, a wealthy actress who needs a private chef for her twins. She’s also grateful that Helen Baynor doesn’t remember their first meeting on a roller coaster ride that changed their lives.

collection cover frosting on the cake 2 followup stories

A literary dessert buffet of more stories inspired by Karin’s recent novels, like Above Temptation and Substitute for Love along with classics like Paperback Romance and Wild Things.

book cover above temptation lesbian intrigue

Kip Barrett does her job very well. Nothing can tempt her from following the rules, not even her boss’s boss’s boss Tamara Sterling.

book cover warming trend alaska key west romance

A river of ice has frozen Anidyr Bycall’s life. The future looks even colder when she returns home to the glaciers of Alaska, the mistakes of her past, and the disdain of the woman who once loved her.

book cover stepping stone hollywood romance

Producer Selena Ryan isn’t going to let anyone use her to get what they want, ever again. Gail Welles and her nice girl act isn’t going to work.

book cover lammy goldie winner kiss that counted

With CJ Roshe’s past hunting her down, she can’t offer Karita Hanssen anything more than kisses and goodbyes – not even her real name.

book cover in deep waters cruising strip lesbian

All bets are off when Radclyffe and Karin Kallmaker deal the cards – and every hand is a winner.

anthology cover tall in the saddle lesbian western

Cowboys and Kisses: A lyric and ultimately realistic story of the real wild west and the short experience of happiness for a young woman stranded in a cattle town.

Originally written for Tall in the Saddle: New Exploits of Wild West Lesbians.

cover finders keepers lesbian romance

Will a shipwreck on a tropical island lead to romance and finders keepers for Marissa Chabot and Linda Bartok? Or losers weepers?

book cover lesbian stories in deep water cruising seas

Karin Kallmaker and Radclyffe can’t wait to get you all wet with this dual erotic short story collection.

cover 18th and castro san francisco halloween

Behind every door is a story of lesbian passion. First time couplings and couples who know how to mix lust and love make 18th and Castro the hottest address in the city by the bay.

Also published as 16 Shades of Lesbian Love at some digital retailers.

book cover all the wrong places sexy romance

A steamy look at sex and the single girl as Brandy weighs her free-for-all life against her growing feelings for her best friend.

book cover just like that winery pride and prejudice

Syrah Ardani’s prejudice and Toni Blanchard’s pride cause an epic clash that turns the peaceful Napa countryside upside down. A very lesbian update of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

book cover sugar lesbian romance novel

Three women want sugar from Sugar, who can’t make up her mind.

Finding Ms. Right is no piece of cake.

book cover one degree separation bookshelves librarian

Cosmopolitan Liddy Peel finds herself in small town Iowa and can’t wait to finish her work and leave. Most vexing of all is the way she feels whenever she sees Marian the Librarian. A scorching summer romance is not what Liddy had in mind.

book cover maybe next time hawaii lesbian fiction

From the frustrated fumblings of teenagers to the dangerous games of adult passion, Maybe Next Time is a story of professional glory, personal tragedy – and finally love.

book cover seeds of fire lesbian fantasy hildegaard von bingen

In Autumn’s dreams no one is who they seem. A journey of passion, heartbreak and triumph.

collection cover frosting on the cake one lesbian stories

A baker’s dozen of the next chapters in the lives of your favorite Kallmaker characters inspired by Wild Things, Painted Moon, Unforgettable and more, plus an extensive afterword.

book cover sleight of hand lesbian fantasy hildegaard von bingen

What dark future does the distant past hold? Autumn only knows her present, and that old magic tingles through her fingers.

book cover substitute for love romance political lesbian

When Holly Markham and Reyna Putnam meet the combination adds up to pure passion. But Reyna’s “no tomorrows” rule isn’t enough for Holly.

book cover unforgettable blue jazz singer

Can Rett Jamison find love with the cheerleader who broke her heart so many years ago? Will Angel Martinetta find that it’s still true: dykes don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses?

cover dawning science fiction

Will Amanda give up the future, and the woman she loves, to fix the past?

No Life flowers except on a Cemetery. – Remy de Gourmont

book cover watermark artists tools romance

Teresa wants a future with a woman whose heart has been frozen by loss. Sequel to Touchwood.

book cover making up for lost time lesbian inn

Delicious recipes and chocolate-as-sublimation abound for Jamie Onassis and Valkyrie Valentine in this romantic send-up of cooking that doesn’t stay in the kitchen.

cover christabel kallmaker lesbian gothic romance

A gothic tale of two hearts taken captive in colonial New York. In modern Manhattan they meet again, but will the future be any different from the past?

book cover night vision science fiction joshua tree

Julia Madison is having nightmares. All night. Every night. After exhausting other alternatives, she turns to a sleep disorder support, and discovers that other women – lesbian women – are having similar nightmares. Convincing them to help her comb the Mojave Desert for the source is only the beginning of the adventure.

cover embrace in motion lesbian archer

Instant Lust. Not so instant regret. An impulsive move to prove it’s “true love.” In a new city with Ms. Wrong, what happens when Ms. Right comes along?

book cover wild things fields of gold lesbian romance

Dutiful daughter Faith Fitzgerald has met the perfect man. There’s just one problem: she’s in love with his sister. Sydney Van Allen‘s political ambitions don’t allow scandal, let alone love.

book cover painted moon lesbian romance classic

Stranded together in a snowbound cabin, Jackie Frakes and Leah Beck’s lives will never be the same.

book cover car pool kallmaker bay area

It’s never an easy commute on the Freeway of Love. But there are soft shoulders, merging traffic, and it’s slippery when wet…

book cover paperback romance conductor baton

Carolyn falls for tall, dark and … female … in this classic homage to the romance genre. This is not your mother’s Harlequin!

book cover touchwood romance oakland bookshop

Rayann loves Louisa. Louisa loves Rayann. Can the decades between their ages keep them apart?

book cover in every port lesbian romance classic

Jessica Brian believes she already has it all. Until she meets her new neighbor Cat Merrill.