Privacy and Store Policies

We will never sell or give away your email or contact information. End of story. Your personal information will be used only to ship orders or send you information that you specifically requested. Karin and trusted helpers are the only people who will ever see your email address or contact information.


We do not participate in the industry practice of sending multiple followup emails asking for your review or to fill out a survey. Once the transaction is complete, it's complete. You will only receive further email if you opt-in to our mailing list or there is a problem with fulfilling your order, that is, you will receive a single "Welcome" email after your first purchase, and if you do nothing, you won't be added to the mailing list. Subsequent orders will not trigger any additional marketing emails. Every newsletter mailing has an obvious unsubscribe link.

Data is retained only to allow us to help you with your order or a future order, if needed. See above: We will never sell of give away your email or contact information. Requests to delete your data will be promptly honored.

Software used for this site and web store are industry standard with payment services and security provided by Stripe. Our store is PayPal Verified. AI is deployed by these services to detect fraud and spam. Payment information is not stored at this site or accessible to anyone at this site.

Please Provide a Valid Email

We completely understand using throwaway email addresses for one-time purchases. The followup marketing is ferocious. However, for the reasons and policies we've given above, we feel it is reasonable for you to provide a valid email to us. That's the only way you will receive a record of your purchase and a durable link to get to your downloads again, should you need to.