A 5 star read that I highly recommend.

Gail at Kindle Canada

“In this book we’re taken to the 1950’s and Irene Carson is the recipient of the whispering coin. Kallmaker gives us a lead character coming into her own after years of a privately abusive existence at the beck and call of her (now deceased) preacher husband. She wants to free herself from what continues to be a dutiful role since her daughter took over the Ministry.

Irene is a woman on a journey of self empowerment seeking emotional enlightenment and satisfaction. Road trips, thoughts back and forth and I saw her growing in self awareness and steely resolve. Among the women she meets in the little town of Mariah is artist Effie Turner and a fledgling friendship results. I hoped for more.

I soaked up Kallmaker’s sweet tale (with a nod to lesbian writer icons Ann Bannon and Marijane Meaker) and pictured Irene as a butterfly slowly emerging from the cocoon, spreading beautiful wings in the sun.

A 5 star read that I highly recommend.” – Gail at Kindle Canada

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