Great mixture of music, art, food, and a love story.

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“Really want to visit Venice after reading this novella. Love the way Karin sets up her storyline. Great mixture of music, art, food, and a love story. ” – Kindle Reader

“…Music is woven into the story. Nikki sings her way into Artie’s heart and music plays a key element to their interactions. Check out the playlist in the back for lots of great songs! Highly recommended for a drama-free, sweet and adult love story set in a gorgeous location. My rating: five stars!” – MG Digby, Goodreads

“The characters of Artie and Nikki were both very interesting and I liked the way that their relationship developed. They had great chemistry. It was also really cool that Nikki was a singer and I really liked the music discussions in this. Overall, a very well written and gorgeous little read with a bit of magical realism thrown in.” – Jamie, Goodreads

Velvet in Venice by Karin Kallmaker

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