How to Get Signed Books

Use Karin’s web store to buy a book(s). All paperbacks ordered will be signed. If you want the book personalized, be sure to leave instructions in the message box at check-out. IF YOU DO NOT WANT IT SIGNED AT ALL, you must say so.

Or, after purchase, reply to your order confirmation email with your instructions.

Please provide enough information so the books can be signed appropriately. If you say the book is for a friend, for example, Karin is likely to write, “Friends who give books are keepers,” or something close to that. Birthdays, anniversaries, gift for the clueless friend or a treat for yourself? Explain and the signature will be personalized for that. Or, if you simply want a signature and nothing else, just say so.

Please see other signing, shipping and web store policies.

We will never sell or give away your email or contact information. End of story. Your personal information will be used only to ship orders or send you information about Karin’s books. Karin and trusted helpers are the only people who will ever see your email address or contact information.

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