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GCLS 2022 – Birthing Books and More

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Once the Googlerithmz realize we’re writers, we’re bombarded with online ads touting the only way to get an idea out of your head and onto the page. Hooey. Absolute hooey.

meme, the only wrong way to write a book is not to write the book - all other ways are the right way - karin kallmaker

You can quote me. Marketing, quality, style, tone, plot – none of it matters if the page is blank.

How Books Get Born

It’s fantastic that pandemic protocols have eased and the Golden Crown Literary Society is resuming their live annual conference event. (Virtual series events remain too!) It’s been my good fortune to moderate So I Had This Idea – From Idea to Published Work panel over the years. Writers tell the stories of their stories. If you’re attending, mark your Friday morning at 9 a.m. to join us.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced author or just starting out. It’s refreshing to be reminded that there are as many ways as there are writers to birth a book. No two authors ever describe the same journey. This panel is one reason why GCLS is my favorite event of the year. (And thanks to writer Pol Robinson who had this idea for a panel!)

The authors telling the story of their stories this year are:

  • Kay Acker, Leaving’s Not the Only Way to Go (Bella Books)
  • Brooke Campbell, The Warrior Series (Next Chapter Publishing)
  • Kate Castle, Girl Island (Dark Horse Publishing)
  • Luc Dreamer, Heart of Gold, Heart Series (Independently published)
  • E. J. Noyes, Ask, Tell, Ask, Tell Series (Bella Books)
  • Anne Shade, Love and Lotus Blossoms (Bold Strokes Books)
  • Chris Zett, Irregular Heartbeat (Ylva Publishing)
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Just Add Weirdness? Okay!

This year I’m moderating a second panel, Just Add Weirdness. It features these debut and veteran writers of books with that extra something weird going on in the fantasy and paranormal realm. Thursday 3pm.

Ask Us Anything, “Rules,” and The Greatest Fear

You can also catch me talking and taking lots of notes alongside some of the most prolific and thoughtful writers in sapphic fiction today:

  • Ask the panelists anything at Reader Questions with moderator Kimberley Cooper Griffin. Wednesday 2pm
  • Hear about unwritten “rules” in writing and publishing in the Never Will I Ever panel moderated Lynn Ames. Thursday 1pm
  • Share in my personal greatest fear of writing the same book twice in Have I Written this Before? with moderator Rachel Gold. Friday 1pm

Interested in what Golden Crown’s annual conference is like? Have a look at this year’s schedule and other information. Also featured is laughter, support, solidarity as a community suddenly once again under siege, and a night of celebration at the Goldies.

Cross Your Fingers for Simply the Best!

Cross your fingers for Simply the Best, which is shortlisted in two categories. It’s going to take luck for it to win given the excellence of the entire shortlist.

Will I See You There?

I can’t believe that, after three years since the last conference, old friends will meet up and new friends will be made. There will be ice cream and chocolate, wine and song. It’s been a very, very long three years! Please say hi!

P.S. You can pre-order a Book for the Con

One last short note – if you’re attending, you can pre-order a book to be signed at the Signing Event on Saturday. Select your title from here, and choose “GCLS 2022” as your shipping method. Once you do that, a coupon for 15% off will kick in. And I’ll see you there, book in hand! Of course I’ll sign books you acquire at the Bella table. Generally, though, the other writers prefer it if I sign only mine. Books of mine you’ve had for years – bring them! I’ll sign them too.


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The Best Kind of Surprises and Pride in ALL of Our Books

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I am continually, delightfully surprised by the reader love for Cowboys and Kisses. As always, I’m never quite sure what aspect of any story will form the magic connection with readers. I usually think I know, and I am often wrong. With this particular story, it might be that the two women might have actually existed in some frontier town, and lived happy lives together.

One reader said it was a “love story that sticks to your bones.” Another said Read More

young white woman with brown hair in pigtail buns clutches her cheeks in terror saying "What have I done?"

Rookie Amateur Mistake = Opportunity, Right?

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I messed up. Making a rookie amateur mistake is generally not a good thing when you’ve been around as long as I have, but it ended up being a good thing. At least I think so.

It has to do with books and how they’re printed. Specifically, all the magic behind making color that’s true and stays true whether a book is printed in the USA, India, or (eventually, right?) on Mars.

Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, blacK = CMYK

There’s a lesson I learned a very long time ago about the difference between computer screens and printing presses. What you can see on the former can’t be reproduced on the latter. It’s all about how color is processed by each device. Here’s an approximation of the difference between RGB and CMYK with the basic colors of red, green, and blue. Read More

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Rule #2 for the Win – A Femme’s Tale of a 1980s Workplace

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Breaking the rules without looking like you’re breaking the rules. It’s something I tried to excel at as a child. Like Ways-to-Get-Ice-Cream-Even-Though-It-Will-Spoil-My-Dinner.

In my early years of loving as a lesbian and living as a femme woman in a world where nearly all rules were made by men to benefit men, I discovered ways to look like I went along with the rules even as I used the rules to resist the rules. I call that Subverting the Patriarchy. It could be good fun, and often eased the relentless pinpricks of sexism and male privilege. Read More