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Checked Out, A Coin of Love Romance by Karin Kallmaker.

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The Story...

  • The Coin of Love SeriesWomen discover the magic they need to find the love they deserve.

    Peri Garritsen thought it was a simple assignment: get a small-town librarian to answer a few questions. Easy is what everyone tells her she needs right now. She’ll make it a quick trip, prove she’s fit for duty, and get back to doing something actually important.

    Librarian Lisette Osborne is not happy at the arrival of another imperious government agent in her office. The library policy is not hard to understand: no warrant, no answers. But that doesn’t seem to matter to Ms. "I Hate Small Towns and the Holidays” Homeland Security.

    Agent Big City Grumpy meets Librarian Small Town Sunshine. Checked Out is all that in a jingle bells short novel full of books and cookies, plus one very old coin.

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  • words : 40000
  • Excerpt - Meet Lisette and Peri
Author's Notes
  • The systemic harassment of a small town librarian under the aegis of the Patriot Act is based on real life instances dating from its enactment after 9/11. Fast forward to today, and librarians all over the country are nothing short of heroic in resisting book bans and censorship, even in the face of threats to their jobs backed up with threats of violence.

    The Freedom to Read is a right vigorously championed and protected by the American Library Association since 1954. Their recent poll shows that over 70% of Americans, across party lines, are opposed to book bans. In concert with journalists and researchers, they believe that a handful of people — perhaps 12 out of 332,000,000 — that’s not a typo, that’s 12 people in total, are responsible for the vast majority of challenges to books dealing with racial injustice or LGBTQ+ existence. In many cases these 12 people are egged on by politicians and talking heads who profit from the attacks on our lives.

    The freedom to read whatever we want when we’re mature enough to seek it out is essential to our freedom to define and think for ourselves. Full stop.

    Get to know your local library, and request the books you want to read. That’s the most powerful and easiest way you can support librarians who want their library to reflect the needs of their entire community.

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