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This story is unique, full of magic and adventure, love and nature and spirituality.

Early Goodreads Reviews for Knight of Nights

The early reviews of Knight of Nights are terrific! You can see all the reviews here at Goodreads.

“I think the thing that stands out most, is how well the book captures the spirit and sense of the time. The language took a little getting used to, but added to the effect. The descriptions of people and life’s daily routine were spot on… The most profound impact though, was the role of women in this time, and I think this honest portrayal makes the book standout.” – Wendy at Goodreads

The story has some great counterpoints in wonderful moments of spring, of festivals, of music, of steadfast loyal relations, of sweet love to lift the hope of readers above the daily life in those times. I was left to wonder, maybe not unintentionally, what life would have been like if women full of heart would have reigned those realms. Thanks to Kallmaker for the playlist and her notes which gives even more perspective to the setting. – Henriette at Goodreads

This story is unique, full of magic and adventure, love and nature and spirituality. Kirstine and Skyra’s love is pure and seems so innocent from the start. Highly recommended! – MG Digby at Goodreads

I enjoyed the story and thought the world was richly drawn. I also appreciated Kallmaker’s research notes at the end of the book, which detailed where she drew inspiration from and gave a more detailed view of the historical world she was creating. Additionally, she included a playlist, as music had a significant role in the book, which was a fun surprise. – Jonna at Goodreads

Pros: The rich descriptions of the backgrounds of places and people. This is in part because it’s written in much the same way a bard of the time would use the vernacular of that time, I.e: kirk wasn’t yet referred to as church, but was slowly showing it’s need/bent for control. The romance was there almost from the beginning even though the Lady couldn’t describe it she couldn’t deny it. I liked how innocent it was and how she knew it wasn’t wrong even though it had to be hidden. – Diana Nolen at Goodreads

Kallmaker observes people, she observes the minutiae of people and has the word skills to then draw people so they are believable. This is a book that I really enjoyed. It had more depth than many fast food romances that I normally enjoy on a regular basis. The Spotify playlist, highlighted at the end, is also well worth a listen, I certainly enjoyed it as I digested the novel. It was great to have a book that needed digested. – Fran Sappharc

Knight of Nights by Karin Kallmaker

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