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The Translators

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Translators are unsung and yet simultaneously perform the job of editor and grammarian. They are masters of idiom and cultural nuance. I speak only one language, a true pity, but I have been told by bilingual readers that the translators of my books have done excellent jobs.

Among other things, they translate wordplay humor into another language and capture the joke – which is mind-boggling. I bow to their expertise and think it only right that their contribution to our literature is acknowledged. – Karin

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Andrea Krug - K&S ()
Gitta Büchner - K&S ()
Laura C. Santiago Barriendos - EE ()
Lea Brandes - K&S ()
Magali Souto - KTM ()
Marga Ibáñez Giménez - EE ()
Markéta Navrátilová ()
Nina Yakushova - KTM ()
Raquel Vázquez Ramil - EE ()
Tina Parcero - EE ()
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