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“The Butch Across the Hall” by Karin Kallmaker

This story as a standalone is exclusive to Karin's store. It is available in the bundle Steam Across the Hall in Kindle Unlimited. (The other two stories in this bundle, “Ice and Fire” and “Salt” are available here for free.)

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The Story...

  • Attracted for the first time to a butch woman, an inexperienced lesbian finds the courage to knock on her neighbor’s door. Humor, tenderness and high-erotic energy combine in this reader favorite.
What People are Saying:
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  • words : 5200
  • Open the Door, Have a Peek
Author's Notes
  • "The Butch Across the Hall" was originally published in Back to Basics: A Butch-Femme Anthology (Bella After Dark). Revision ©2016.

    Cover photograph ©Karin Kallmaker, 2016. Taken in Brussels, Belgium.


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