Knight of Nights – A Coin of Love Romance – eBook


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Knight of Nights, A Coin of Love Romance by Karin Kallmaker. Two passionate women surrounded by court intrigue. One very old coin.

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The Story...

  • The Coin of Love Series: Women get the push they need at just the right moment to find the love they deserve.

    Left in charge of clan and lands while menfolk ride away to the Crusades, Lady Kirstine breaks with tradition by coming to the aid of the local green woman whose medicines once saved Kirstine's life. She's surprised to find the old woman already ably defended by a knight - a knight with no flag.

    A knight like no other Kirstine has ever met.

    In a time of knights and magic, even older magic can still change history.

What People are Saying:

    • words: 30000
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    Author’s Notes
    • A knight like no other...makes the imagination sing, doesn't it?


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