Knight of Nights – A Coin of Love Romance – eBook


Knight of Nights, A Coin of Love Romance by Karin Kallmaker. Moonlight and starfire create irresistible attraction.

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The Story...

  • The Coin of Love SeriesWomen discover the magic they need to find the love they deserve.

    Left in charge of clan and lands while menfolk sail away to the Crusades, Lady Kirstine rides to the aid of the local Green Woman whose medicines once saved Kirstine’s life. She’s stunned to find the woman already ably defended by a warrior — a knight with no clan and no memory.

    An axe-bearing knight like no other Kirstine has ever met. Who looks at her as no one ever has before.

    In a time of forgotten pasts and uncertain futures, two strong hearts must find the path to each other.

    Books in this series can be read in any order.

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  • words : 40000
  • Excerpt - Our Story Begins Here
Author's Notes
  • A knight like no other...makes the imagination sing, doesn't it? Readers interested in medieval music and some background on the era and location for this story will find a Spotify playlist and extensive notes at the end of the story. Big shout out to the sharp eyes on the ARC team for this book!

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