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Cover Cowboys and Kisses lesbian romance novella by Karin Kallmaker. Ivory lace on washed out blue board background.

Historical Romance!

A young woman stranded in a cattle town has only one way to survive and few chances at happiness. A lyrical story of hope and romance in the American West. Read all of Chapter 1!

Cover Simply the Best 2021 Karin Kallmaker

The Reviews are Raving!

Cynical New York journalist Alice Cabot isn’t about to succumb to the charms of California’s beaches, fake Hollywood glamour, or simply perfect Pepper Addington. Order a signed paperback!

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  • Hayley’s life is complicated by a mysterious book of blank pages and an alluring new neighbor who challenges everything Hayley doesn’t believe in. "It’s one of my all-time favourite stories, making a believer of me too."
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  • Cover Wild Things by Karin Kallmaker

    Dutiful daughter Faith has met the perfect man. There’s just one problem: She’s in love with his sister who is running for public office. Best seller! "Most of all, I love that both these women are smart, and it shows in all they do. A classic."
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  • A steamy look at sex and the single girl as Brandy weighs her free-for-all life against her growing feelings for her best friend. "I love it when I’m reading and half way through I’m really dying for two people to get together, wondering and hoping that it can work out."
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  • Cover My Lady Lipstick by Karin Kallmaker

    Frustrating, outrageous Diana Beckinsale is the most alluring woman Paris Ellison has met in years. It's all fun and games until somebody loses their heart... "A perfectly plotted and paced contemporary romance. She’s a true master of the craft, and this book is not to be missed."
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  • A river of ice has frozen Ani’s life. The future looks even colder when she returns home to the glaciers of Alaska, the mistakes of her past and the disdain of the woman who once loved her. "A beautifully written novel, complete with breathtaking descriptions of Alaska."
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  • Home from Afghanistan to surprise her mother, Milla doesn’t expect more than the best apple pie in the world and the bliss of unrationed hot showers. She’s not counting on futures — or meeting a woman like Tyna. "Warm, fun and real characters. The intimacy is likewise real."
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  • Attracted for the first time to a butch woman, an inexperienced lesbian finds the courage to knock on her neighbor’s door. Humor, tenderness and high-erotic energy combine in this fan favorite short story. "Exquisite writing, extremely fiery sex, great characterisation ... a totally enjoyable read."
    Purchase The Butch Across the Hall

  • Cover Painted Moon 25th Anniversary by Karin Kallmaker

    Stranded together in a snowbound cabin, Jackie and Leah collide with intensity and passion that shakes the foundations of both their lives. "Enough romantic tension to melt an iceberg. And a great dog!"
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True Confessions about Made-Up Things

  • Samuel Coleridge’s epic poem Christabel sends a self-appointed knight into the evil, green forest to fight a witch for the soul of a young woman. It is presumed that the young woman wouldn’t stay with the witch unless she were under a spell. That script needed flipping.

  • Karin’s first few novels were typed on a Macintosh Plus and printed via dot matrix. Plus it had dueling double density disk drives. Good times.

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