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Simply the Best by Karin Kallmaker

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The Story...

  • Simply the Worst… Alice Cabot’s only great love is science, but a lapse in judgment has exiled the New York journalist to the glitzy Gallerias and vapid bubble-babble of Beverly Hills. The assignment to do a flattering feature series on Simply the Best and the superficial nonsense it sells threatens to crush what little is left of her spirit.

    Simply the Best… Pepper Addington can’t believe she’s moved up from grunt intern to personal assistant for Helene Jolie, the celebrity socialite founder of Succeeding at the job she worked so hard to get is her only priority. Keep a cynical know-it-all reporter in check? She promises Helene that she can.

    Simply Irresistible… Expecting nothing but games from the beach-blonde surfer girl that Helene Jolie has assigned to keep an eye on her, Alice is fully prepared to resist any and all of California’s charms. Or so she thinks.

    Beloved storyteller Karin Kallmaker weaves an epic tale of the magic that can reclaim even the most despairing of hearts.

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  • words : 122000
  • Excerpt - Meet Alice and Pepper
Author's Notes
  • During the horrible year that was 2020, I spent too many hours wondering how we're going to fix all of this - fix the broken planet, fix the broken faith, fix the problems that the U.S.A. has let fester for far too long. Fix the lies, fix the Big Lies, fix the violence.

    There's so much to fix. How did people in other horrific times move forward? Where was hope and love? All of what 2020 was and what we're all facing going forward filtered into Alice Cabot's questions and Pepper Addington's answers.

    In the end, Simply the Best ended up being the book I needed to read. I was able to finish because of Drag Queens - read how that happened. I Am America.

    If you want to experience a soundtrack while reading the book, here's the playlist I built.


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