Roller Coaster – Paperback


Roller Coaster by Karin Kallmaker

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The Story...

  • Two very different reasons brought Laura Izmani and Helen Baynor to the Beach Boardwalk for a symbolic ride on the biggest wooden roller coaster on the west coast. They part strangers, but only after sharing an experience that shifted both of their lives onto new tracks.

    Their paths cross again decades later when Laura interviews with Helen to become the private chef for the Baynor household. Given what Laura revealed during that fateful coaster ride, she’s relieved that Helen seems to have forgotten her.

    Fiercely protective of her children, Helen—now a famous stage actress and widow with teenaged twins—divides her time between home in a sleepy California enclave and the bright lights of Broadway. Continuing her carefully managed life until her children leave for college is all she wants.

    Their first roller coaster ride together may turn out to be only a prelude...

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  • words : 105000
  • Excerpt - Our Story Begins at the Beach Boardwalk
Author's Notes
  • Any resemblance of Helen Baynor's twins to offspring I may know is purely and entirely coincidental.