Both author and narrator are such professionals, they made this audiobook a great experience. Highly recommended.

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“It’s a yin/yang dance around ambition, ethics and disappointment as the characters learn to deal with both the beauty and ugliness of life. And it’s ready Abby Craden. Five stars for helping me (angry like Alice) think about how to make anger a tool and not a lifestyle.” – Notlosttheplot

“I loved how multi-layered this book was. The story is fuller than just the MC relationship. There is a fullness to Alice’s life, background and pain. But a wonderful and engaging relationship with her mother. I loved her nerdy, socially aware personality… The chaos and negativity created for women at the company in the center of the story is very well presented by Karin. And hats off to how Pepper was written to take control of her story. For 2-3 years I have been submitting requests to Audible for more KK Audible options. I am so happy to see that happening and this is a wonderful new addition.” – JCPDX

“I have a few books by K.K. but this is my favorite. The work to build such complete characters is appreciated and applauded. The subject matter is hard only for its realism. It had me invested and cheering both MC”s on. Solid storytelling and narration. Both author and narrator are such professionals, they made this audiobook a great experience. Highly recommended.” – Hacnslac

“If only all writers were as intelligent as Kallmaker. The genre is resuscitated with each new offering.” – Bree

“Well written book. Karin Kallmaker is never a let down for me. And paired with Abby Craden is a bonus.
This book went by so fast. I was very invested in it. Karin Kallmaker really develops characters in realistic ways. So good. Even the ones I hate I hate deeply!
There’s so much to this book. I appreciated it all.
Abby Craden is flawless as always.” – Tammi

Simply the Best – Karin Kallmaker

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