reader email the discussion between her and her Mom after she returns from California brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for that. It was a beautiful sentiment. And I really needed to hear/read it.

It made me appreciate just how much the past few years has hit me and just how important it is to keep loving.

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“Exactly the story I needed right now. Thank you, Karin, for reminding me that I’m not the only one feeling the sad, dark, bleakness right now; thanks, too, for the humor we all desperately need to keep going forward. I hope Pepper and Alice will show up in one of your follow-up novels… I’d love to find out how the road trip goes and what happens after.” – Kait

“I haven’t found another author who can create complex and intriguing stories in such totally different settings. Every book is completely unique and this is another example of a great idea and beautiful story-telling. The main characters are adorable as always – very different but each loveable in their own way.” – Kate, UK

“It’s about survivor’s guilt, and ethics and integrity. It’s about survival of the planet, corporate greed, self-absorbed narcissistic one-percenters, and blind ambition. It’s about science and hope and yes, love… Get in this convertible and buckle up for this journey that only Karin Kallmaker could write.” – Bandra

“Once again Karin has created a wonderful host of characters that I couldn’t wait o see how it came out. Karin brings all sorts of references to things that are relevant and humorous. Great research and a compelling storyline. Couldn’t put it down.” – Kindle Customer

“I’ve used reading as an escape from the apocalyptic time we’ve had. But, actually, combined with the thoughtful portrayal of living with a few unwelcome internal monologues, spectating on a miserable reality for so many people, and battling constant unworthiness, it made me appreciate just how much the past few years has hit me and just how important it is to keep loving.” – Emily

“I was sad that the book had to end. But I know that that’s simply the reality of having read the final line and then shelving such a fine work as Simply the Best! Thank you, Ms. Kallmaker, for giving all of us this most thoughtful and thought-provoking book!” – Besty D.

“First read of the author’s. It was witty, hilarious at times and the author took the time to introduce each character before they met. For a ballsy and cynical Alice, she met her match in the younger but intelligent Pepper. The book was a bit long for me but otherwise a fun read.” – Nutmeg

“The Queen of WLW Romance returns with what is likely her longest book to date and an overall tour de force, not only as a romance but as a master class in world building as she describes in the greatest of detail the headquarters campus and culture of Simply the Best… Read this book when you have the time to devote to it. It’s more than worth your investment.” – Cindy

“If you want to read a thought provoking novel that will stay with you longer than the time it takes you to pick up the next romance. I highly recommend.” – S.S.

“Really liked reading the story of the older woman and the seemingly naive innocent young woman taking on more than she’s prepared to do. Both characters are likeable and the supporting cast is in some ways just as interesting. Very enjoyable read.” – Bonnie

“…Once Pepper and Alice met, sparks were flying and I could not put the book down. Both of them were really well-developed, multi-faceted characters. Their chemistry was instant, but felt very natural.” – Melina

“What an interesting read. Yes, it was a story about family. Yes, it was a story about success. Yes, it was a story about finding self. Yes, it was a story about truth. Yes, it was a story about love. Mostly, it was a reflection of recent events in the world. As I read, I was thinking about all the introspection provided through Pepper Addington, personal assistant to Helene Jolie and Alice Cabot, journalist, as well as Alice’s mother, Barbara.” – Kennedy

“…This is a romance with a lot of heft and I’m glad to have gotten an early read.” – Kaye C

“The romance between Alice and Pepper was lovely. I highly recommend this book.” – BK Bookseller

“I like Pepper because she proves she isn’t a pushover, her and Alice have great chemistry and the romance was good.” – Aleana

Simply the Best – Karin Kallmaker

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