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Stepping Stone by Karin Kallmaker

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The Story...

  • Motion picture producer Selena Ryan has the impossible...

    ...Fame and fortune and her integrity. Her reputation for playing fair in an industry rife with games has earned her respect from other producers, writers, and actors.

    She’s learned the lesson that plenty of people would like to use her to get what they want—a starring role or some other way into the movies. Burned badly by actress Jennifer Lamont, who used her and left her with a devastating aftermath, she’s wary of everyone related to the industry.

    When Gail Welles literally lands in Selena’s lap, she suspects another ploy. Jennifer’s sudden arrival back in her life is equally ill-timed and suspect. On the verge of producing her biggest film to date, Selena wants everyone to leave her alone, even if that means living without love.

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  • words : 78500
  • Excerpt - The Bright Lights of Hollywood
Author's Notes
  • If you hate Jennifer Lamont in this book, I think you'll want to read Captain of Industry. Redemption is hard won. And there's Buzztastic returning to report on every salacious detail.

    Stepping Stone and Captain of Industry can also be read as a single, long novel. Read the first two Acts of Captain of Industry, then all of Stepping Stone, and then the final two Acts of Captain.

    This is not the first time I've named a book for a song... I first heard Duffy on Saturday Night Live. She was riveting with a old/new sound. The lyrics immediately made me think of a variety of stories that sprang from the idea of being used as someone's stepping stone in a career and in love.

    I will never be your stepping stone
    Take it all or leave me alone

    The lyrics of "Stepping Stone" were written by the team of Booker, Stephen Andrew, Duffy and Aimee Ann. Combined with Duffy's haunting performance, it's the perfect example of when one kind of art inspires another. After hearing the song every other project I was considering was pushed aside.


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