Sublime age-gap f/f romance - Swoon for Angela Dawe's spectacular, emotionally vibrant narration!

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“Rayann Germaine comes home early to find her girlfriend with another woman. Fleeing to Oakland she meets Louise Thatcher who runs a book store and offers her a room for her help with her business. Louise is 59 and Rayann 29 but that doesn’t stop the feeling and passion growing between them. A great depiction of the differences between generations of lesbians and gays. Awesome narration.” – Carolyn

“Set in Reagan-era San Francisco, Kallmaker’s story of an artsy 29-year-old at loose ends who discovers the woman of her dreams in the semi-closeted 50-something bookstore owner who offers her a job and a “room of her own,” is to swoon for in Angela Dawe’s spectacular, emotionally vibrant narration… She nails the emotional pull between the deeply attractive, deeply conflicted older MC, Louisa, and the somewhat passive and immature Rayann, whose untapped intellectual and human potential blossoms with Louisa’s gentle guidance. Rayann has just emerged from a toxic relationship with a successful professional woman who whittled away at her agency and was unfaithful behind her back. Kallmaker very skilfully portrays the contrast between this exploitative love and the deeply honorable Louisa’s gradual surrender to Rayann’s best qualities, which leads to the eventual discovery of their exceptional erotic compatibility… ” – paedagogue

“A look to the history of lesbians, in a very interesting way. I loved it, this is a very well written story, with interesting MC wi age gap, and narration is WOW” – Sab

“This verrrrry slow burn romance is honest, beautiful and yes – sexy. As for the narration – wow. What a dream to have Angela Dawe narrate this book! When I heard her deep, nearly sultry Louisa voice, I almost slid off my chair. And I was THRILLED to hear her interpretation of a significant secondary character, Zoraida, who is Hispanic… Dawe absolutely nails it. Every time I think I can’t possibly admire her skills more than I do, she blows me away yet again. As the greatest ones do, she elevates the experience of this already wonderful book.” – Guerunche

“I have never read this book before but if I had it would already be in my top 5! If anybody is going to give a great story it’s worth in narration it’s Angela Dawe. Louisa’s voice is knee tremblingly gooood. Truly outstanding and now in my top 5 audiobooks for re-listens.” – Moop

“I could listen to Angela Dawe for days! Perfect narration!!!
Karin Kallmaker is such a good emotion writer. Her stories are creative in a unique way to me. I wasn’t sure if I’d like this story, I’ll confess in part due to the age gap. But it worked. I loved the book and will likely listen to it again in the future. ” – Tammi

Touchwood 30th Anniversary Edition at Audible by Karin Kallmaker, narrated by Angela Dawe

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