Beyond vanilla while not being too heavy.

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Featured at Women and Words blog “HEA Check-in” by Danielle Zion

“…Picking it up to read a story or two a day was fun, and it was delightful to meet some old characters from other books again…” Rabkeb

“I will say the most pleasant surprise (beyond some of the steamy descriptions of various activities) was some of the stories reprised characters from both authors past books…” – CC

“These stories are great as stand alone and as surprise returns of characters I had read before.” – Vreader

In Deep Waters goes beyond vanilla while not being too heavy.” – Mom of Two

“As a cruise addict who can’t afford an Olivia cruise this book is a blast.” – A Customer

In Deep Waters 1 by Karin Kallmaker and Radclyffe

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In Deep Waters Volume 1   

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