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Comfort and Joy by Karin Kallmaker. Milla’s holiday leave is about to get very, very interesting.

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The Story...

87 minutes run time
  • Home from Afghanistan to surprise her mother, Milla Zajac doesn't expect more than the best apple pie in the world, the bliss of unrationed hot showers, and a quiet, peaceful hometown Christmas. She's not counting on futures or meeting anyone special. At a chance first meeting on Christmas Eve, soldier Milla and pastor Tyna discover plenty of differences - and unexpected possibilities.
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“You’re in uniform too, so it doesn’t seem quite right to call you Milla. I should call you ma’am, perhaps?” Tyna was smiling, clearly amused at the idea.
“Don’t call me ma’am. I’m enlisted, which means I work for a living.”
Tyna gave her a lopsided grin as they waited for the pedestrian light on the busy corner. “Milla it is then, so you have to call me Tyna.”
“What would your congregation think?”
“They call me Pastor Tyna, except for the members of the Auxiliary.” She waved an unadorned but elegant hand at her plain robes. “I normally don’t wear these except during services, but there was a dispute to settle with the decorating committee and the ladies only listen when I’m all pastory and priesty, as you say.”
“You set them straight before — hang on!” Milla put out a hand to keep Tyna from stepping into the street as a late car pushing the red light roared past them.

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