I Heart SapphFic Book of the Month Historical Romance, Knight of Nights by Karin Kallmaker May 2023

Knight of Nights – Historical Romance of the Month!

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What a great way to wake up! I just saw the news that Knight of Nights was voted the Historical Romance of the Month for May 2023, topping off a run that included best seller lists for both Lesbian Romance and Medieval Romance categories.

Big Cheers for I Heart SapphFic!

A big shout out to I Heart SapphFic for their reader ranked voting that selects Books of the Month for numerous genres and ongoing Reading Challenge that invites readers to explore a wide range of genres. It’s really gratifying to see how much readers are enjoying this story of impossible love that survives anyway, with a little nudge from a magical coin.

Some of the other winners of this month!

You should check out all of the I Heart SapphFic winners here. It’s a great list of reads – you could find a new favorite!

Week 28 Reading Challenge is Historical Fiction!

What’s more, Historical Fiction is one of Week 28’s Reading Challenge categories. Knight of Nights certainly counts, and so do all these listed, with some on sale.
*Super happy for Quinn Riley, all around adorable person I met at GCLS in Denver. She’s done a great job with my One Degree of Separation and Above Temptation.

Check out the eBook and Sample

A white woman with mottled skin and braided, shaggy red hair, is wearing a shoulder and chest armor. Her hands are resting on a double edged winged axe. Text reads, A Coin of Love Romance, Knight of Nights, Karin Kallmaker, Goldie and Lammy Award Winner

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