Images of cover Velvet in Venice by Karin Kallmaker. "It all started with a song. Now in Kindle Unlimited!"

Velvet in Venice – Now in Kindle Unlimited

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If you’ve been waiting for a summer read that will whisk you away on a book-staycation, Velvet in Venice – set in Venice, see what I did there? – is now in Kindle Unlimited. If you’re a KU subscriber, grab it and enjoy the music, gelato, sites and sights of Venice, and a sweet and easy romance with a magical twist.

If you’re so inclined, check out the playlist at the end of the book that represents the wonderful very American songs that lure Artie Bryson to Nikki Velvet. If you do, an honest rating or review is always welcome!

Head to Kindle Unlimited and Read a Sample

A glowing young black woman with natural hair and red lips looks over her shoulder through mottled light at the Grand Canal and skyline of St. Marcos Plaza in Venice. A glass of deep red wine is in the foregound. A Coin of Love Romance, Velvet in Venice, Karin Kallmaker, Goldie and Lammy Winning Author

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