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Heart Set on a Signed Book at GCLS?

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How can it be June? It’s only a couple of weeks until I’ll be hopping in the trusty Subaru to head to my favorite event of the year. This year the Golden Crown Literary Society conference for all people who love sapphic fiction is in Denver, a city I’ve visited often and love.

Along with the many great panels and ways to interact with readers and answer questions is a huge vendor booth hosted by Bella Books that will have a wide variety of actual, real, smell the ink, pick-up-and-hold books. Every author present will have books there, including me.

Bella not only brings the latest releases, but they also bring a few of backlists for those who love classics or are hoping to replace a favorite that their evil ex or no-longer-good friend never returned. In all likelihood, you’ll find the book(s) you want with no worries.

One Way to be Sure

The Bella booth will definitely have copies of my recent paperback releases: a few copies of Simply the Best, Touchwood 30th Anniversary Edition, and Cowboys and Kisses, and more than a few of Velvet in Venice and Knight of Nights. They’ll probably bring one each of “the classics.” After that there’s no guarantee.

That’s why I’ll bring you that special book(s), if I have a copy, to pick up at the conference. Here’s how it works.

Choose Your Book(s)

Click to open a new tab and browse. If a book you want isn’t there, I don’t have a copy.

You can sort by release date if you’re looking for the latest. Add the book(s) to cart. When you’re ready, proceed to checkout. Now, scroll down to the portion of the page for SHIPPING and choose “GCLS 2023 – pick up in Denver.”

Your cart should automatically update to show that a coupon code has been applied. If you change to any other shipping method the coupon will disappear. The coupon will get you very close to what you’d pay in person.

The Coupon Code

If you don’t see the coupon applied, scroll to the top of the page and click to apply a coupon. The code is GCLS2023. If you haven’t picked the right shipping method, the coupon will be rejected.

Complete Checkout

Even though I won’t be shipping the books to you, you have to provide a billing/shipping address. After the blanks are all filled in, complete the order. You’ll get the usual sort of confirmations and those books will be set aside for you, and nobody else but you.

The last day you can place an order is around 3 p.m. on Friday June 23, Pacific Daylight Time.

For Clarity

If you find you can’t attend or don’t pick up the order in Denver, I’ll cancel the order and a refund will be processed immediately to the form of payment you used. If *knockonwood* I can’t attend, your order will be canceled and a refund processed immediately.

Logo for Golden Crown Literary Society Denver 2023 19th Annual Converence from June 28-July 2. Theme is "Pursue Your Passion"

At the Conference

I’ll be bringing all the books with me, wrapped up and shiny. I won’t sign them, however, until we’re face to face and have a chance to chat. Ideally, this will be at the Author Signing on Saturday, July 1, from 1-3 p.m. If for some reason it’s impossible to meet up then, we’ll work something out.

Have We Met?

Here’s the truth: I’ve always had a poor memory for faces, and the past couple of years with less socializing hasn’t kept my facial recognition limber. Then I started on estrogen suppressant to starve out any nasty little buggers that might want to try to regrow in either of my boobages. (Have you had your mammogram?)

Suffice it to say, the adjustment has not been easy – my memory is now a single-sided, single-density 5-and-a-quarter inch floppy disk, circa 1981. All too often it says “Sector Not Found.”

If we have met, but I don’t recognize you, it’s not personal. Please feel free to remind me that we’ve met and where! With a little prompt my floppy-disk brain works much faster.


Drop an email to StoreSprite or Karin at kallmaker.com.

I’ll be on a couple of panels and moderating the annual “So I Had This Idea” with six terrific authors who have great stories to tell you about birthing their book. More about that in my next post!

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