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How I Know the Universe Loves Us – My First Post about Ice Cream

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Given that my food love centers around ice cream, it’s hard to believe I’ve never written a blog about it. Ice cream is such a part of my life that when I was researching food for my medieval romance Knight of Nights I was sad for an entire day that there was no way to include ice cream. It’s quite depressing to imagine a world without ice cream.

I’m Not an Ice Cream Snob. Seriously.

I like everything from soft serve to supermarket gelato to the artisanal goodies made in small batches in restaurants. I happily range from a Mickey D’s vanilla cone on a 105 degree day after running errands to a Talenti pint of whatever chocolate, caramel, crunchy gelato concoction was on sale to fancy plated desserts. Baseline, it has to have balanced flavors that work well together and a mouth-pleasing creaminess.

And yes, I stalk ice cream on sale and pounce on any brand that doesn’t use substitutes for the sugar or fat. They can use less of those two things, but not substitutes. There are concoctions that use emulsifiers and stabilizers which can taste good, but they’re a dessert that is a cousin to ice cream. Not ice cream.

Because ice cream is chemistry proof that the universe loves us and wants science to make our lives better.

My Ice Cream Gallery

Yes, I am that person. I photograph my ice cream when it’s impressive. Or to remember the friends I was with, the place where I was, or the celebration. If you ever wondered if I had real ice cream bona fides, here you go.

Celebration Ice Cream

With family and friends.

Vacation Ice Cream

I travel for experiences, and experiences include art, music, nature, and food. Food includes ice cream. At least once every trip my wife says something silly like, “We had ice cream yesterday,” and it’s like she hasn’t met me.

I Don’t Have to Have a Reason Ice Cream

More ice cream. Have you met me?

Which Brings Me to Chick’n & Waffle Ice Cream from Baskin-Robbins

I do not want chicken in my ice cream. That said, I trusted that the chemists and food specialists who make new flavors for Baskin-Robbins don’t want that either. They’re smart, they know. #BaskinRobbinsAlwaysFindsOut, amirite? The sign says 0% chicken. So I had a taste because I just had to find out what kind of crazy this was.

And it was really good. So I got a whole scoop. Studded with crunchy waffle crispies that have a bit of salt and spice to them, it’s a brown sugar/dark vanilla sort of buttermilk-ish ice cream with pockets of nearly liquid hint of bourbon flavor caramel sauce. Definitely an adult ice cream. All of those things really worked together, especially along with my fave Jamoca Almond Fudge.
It was such a revelation that I wanted to tell the world I approved — and that’s when I realized that I’d never written a blog about ice cream. This from a woman whose bio says “Ice Cream. Tim Tams. Coffee.” etc.

Blog completed along with the joy of gathering up and revisiting memories of wonderful scoops over the years. Achievement unlocked.

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