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...Halfway through I’m really dying for two people to get together...

Loving Venus - Loving Mars

“What I really enjoyed about All The Wrong Places is that it was a nice slow build to a sweet love story between Brandy and Tess. I love it when I’m reading and half way through I’m really dying for two people to get together, wondering and hoping that it can work out. I love it when I can feel the ache of the characters and ache myself for them to get what they want. Ms. Kallmaker created that longing and tension in this story, but not in an angsty, heavy way.

Ms. Kallmaker’s style of writing is fun and very erotic, meaning, there’s a lot of sex in this book, written fairly graphically. However, it all had its place and nothing felt gratuitous. Nor did it really feel over the top erotic, but more playfully sexy… It had the feel of chatting with a girlfriend and her sharing everything that happened, which kept this entertaining.

I definitely recommend this book if you’re looking for a light lesbian love story with a satisfying ending.”

Loving Venus – Loving Mars, Bi-Curious Romance

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All the Wrong Places – Karin Kallmaker

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