A bonus: fun use of exotic locales. Well done, brain-engaging romance.

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“I could not put it down until I’d read it cover to cover.” – Silverlock

Love By The Numbers is not only a fantastic addition to her body of work, but it also ranks among my favorites of all-time.” – Fantasmic

“I truly enjoyed this story. I am a sucker for a classic romance story and this was it!” – Ameliah

“Karin Kallmaker takes a stuffy professor and turns her into a very passionate woman right before your eyes.” – tufman

“If you’re in the market for a love story you can’t go wrong with Love by the Numbers.” – Emma

“I felt like my head and heart were going to explode.” – Bobbi

“Perhaps after working with so many colleagues in India the last 6 years I was completely smitten with Nicole’s mother Indira and all her traditions…” – Elaine

“I’m a sucker for neuroscience and Kallmaker does a great job of blending some really interesting neuroscience with characters you can’t help but like and a well-paced plot. Also how much do I love that we’re not given two white protagonists? Very, very much. And as a bonus: fun use of exotic locales. Well done, brain-engaging romance.” – Ari

“It’s fresh. It’s vivid. It’s intelligent. It’s witty.” – Carleen

Love by the Numbers – Karin Kallmaker

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