Images of cover Velvet in Venice by Karin Kallmaker. "It all started with a song. Now in Kindle Unlimited!"

Velvet in Venice – Now in Kindle Unlimited

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If you’ve been waiting for a summer read that will whisk you away on a book-staycation, Velvet in Venice – set in Venice, see what I did there? – is now in Kindle Unlimited. If you’re a KU subscriber, grab it and enjoy the music, gelato, sites and sights of Venice, and a sweet and easy romance with a magical twist.

If you’re so inclined, check out the playlist at the end of the book that represents the wonderful very American songs that lure Artie Bryson to Nikki Velvet. If you do, an honest rating or review is always welcome!

Head to Kindle Unlimited and Read a Sample

A glowing young black woman with natural hair and red lips looks over her shoulder through mottled light at the Grand Canal and skyline of St. Marcos Plaza in Venice. A glass of deep red wine is in the foregound. A Coin of Love Romance, Velvet in Venice, Karin Kallmaker, Goldie and Lammy Winning Author

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I Heart SapphFic Book of the Month Historical Romance, Knight of Nights by Karin Kallmaker May 2023

Knight of Nights – Historical Romance of the Month!

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What a great way to wake up! I just saw the news that Knight of Nights was voted the Historical Romance of the Month for May 2023, topping off a run that included best seller lists for both Lesbian Romance and Medieval Romance categories.

Big Cheers for I Heart SapphFic!

A big shout out to I Heart SapphFic for their reader ranked voting that selects Books of the Month for numerous genres and ongoing Reading Challenge that invites readers to explore a wide range of genres. It’s really gratifying to see how much readers are enjoying this story of impossible love that survives anyway, with a little nudge from a magical coin. Read More

Logo for Golden Crown Literary Society Denver 2023 19th Annual Converence from June 28-July 2. Theme is "Pursue Your Passion"

Making Books, Telling Stories – GCLS 2023

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I am on the road to my favorite event of the year: The Golden Crown Literary Society Conference. This year it’s in Denver, a city I really enjoy. There will be fun and friends, learning and laughter, ideas and awards! Even if you’re not going, you can see the awards via livestream (see below).

Where I’ll Be in 2023!

I’ll be at all the usual sessions, like the welcome reception on Wednesday 6/28, awards, keynote presentation, etc. In addition, I’m either a panelist or moderating at these sessions: Read More

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Audiobook News and a Personal Update

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I don’t usually post the contents of a newsletter to my blog because they are for different audiences. However, this particular newsletter has news everyone may want to know with an update on future publishing releases.

First, the Audiobook News!

One Degree of Separationis available for pre-order at Audible! It releases next Tuesday. The summer heat and round robin dating pool in Iowa City must be why Marian the Librarian can’t stop watching the new femme in town, Liddy Peel. Delightfully, humorously read by Quinn Riley. Read More

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How Much He Must Have Hated Himself

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For more than four decades of my life, Pat Robertson heaped vitriol and invective on me and my kind. He unceasingly called us deviants and dangers to our country and the world. Every natural disaster, every plague, every ill in the world was our fault or the fault of those who tolerated our existence. We were the reason for the suffering of billions of people.

He mouthed the words “Hate the sin, not the sinner” — six short words — after “sermons” of thousands of words that hated the sinner. Read More

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Heart Set on a Signed Book at GCLS?

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How can it be June? It’s only a couple of weeks until I’ll be hopping in the trusty Subaru to head to my favorite event of the year. This year the Golden Crown Literary Society conference for all people who love sapphic fiction is in Denver, a city I’ve visited often and love.

Along with the many great panels and ways to interact with readers and answer questions is a huge vendor booth hosted by Bella Books that will have a wide variety of actual, real, smell the ink, pick-up-and-hold books. Every author present will have books there, including me. Read More