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I’m Sorry, I Got Your Book at the Library

Karin Kallmaker One Degree of Separation, Readers and Libraries


There’s no need to be sorry! Libraries are wonderful places. They are excellent conservators of resources, they preserve literary legacies, and they safeguard privacy and access to information for everybody.

That you found my books there, checked them out (or even read them discreetly in the corner) encourages the library to buy other titles. It makes more lesbian lit available to all the patrons. I know that many young people find their first queer lit at the library, so your patronage is part of the chain that gets positive, affirming books into the hands of those that need that kind of message.

That said, Batgirl was a librarian. She wore purple spandex, stilettos and rode a purple motorcycle. I tried to capture that flair for style (at least on the inside) in Marian, the librarian, of One Degree of Separation.

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