Seeds of Fire, Tunnel of Light Book 2 – Paperback


Seeds of Fire by Karin Kallmaker

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The Story...

  • They found each other in their dreams.

    Autumn Bradley used the magic in her hands to save Ursula Columbine from the darkness that hunts for her. They have only met in dreams of a turbulent past, and the Ursula in Autumn's arms doesn't recognize her. Autumn knows it is up to her to hide the defenseless Ursula. Darkness searches for them. Light hunts for them as well. Their nightmares are only beginning.

    Her heart knows only a curse.

    Darkness has spilled into Kelly Dove's life. She will use all her strength, no matter the cost, for what her dreams promise: Ursula hers again. Her dreams demand secrets she scarcely knows she possesses, but she will give them up and all she can learn - past and future - for love and vengeance.

    The battle lines are drawn amongst themselves.

    Taylor St. Claire risked faith and spirit to save Ursula from the ravages of the centuries-old darkness that wants the last secrets to power. She failed. No longer cleric, no longer priestess, Taylor's bitterness threatens to consume her completely. From the ancient music that haunts them all comes a clue in the search for Ursula, and Kelly seems only too eager to help. But the face of Ursula's captor is not the woman Taylor expects.

    In their dreams, no one is who they seem.

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  • words : 77000
  • Excerpt - Shadows of Memory
Author's Notes
  • Hurricane Katrina blew all my plans for the finale of this series off the map. I still plan to write it, but it is currently not scheduled.

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