A gift to all voracious readers from a splendidly gifted imagination.

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“…A full range of human emotion — not just what lesbians are “supposed” to feel. These women can hate each other, and hurt each other, and love each other — sometimes in ways so erotic that this easily qualifies as romance.” – A Customer

“(Prompted) me to think about things like the nature of time, the soul, good and evil, reincarnation and the power of the love.” – Charlie

“…Themes of reincarnation, loss, betrayal, and redemption through a circle of contemporary women – Ursula, Autumn, Kelly, Taylor, Elizabeth – who find themselves sharing dreams of earlier lives together. Intelligent and intense…” – M.J.

“…A tale of jealousy, music, magic and love that spans two millennia.” – Jeanne

“This is a gem of a read, a gift to all voracious readers from a splendidly gifted imagination.” – Jean

Seeds of Fire – Karin Kallmaker

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Seeds of Fire   

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