Sleight of Hand, Tunnel of Light Book 1 – Paperback


Sleight of Hand by Karin Kallmaker

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The Story...

  • The night Autumn Bradley died...

    ...she met the woman of her destiny: the fire-haired woman who sends Autumn back to her dying body and thereafter mysteriously haunts Autumn's dreams. Getting by with sleight of hand and other quick-fingered magic tricks, Autumn has no memory of her life before the age of 17. In the years since only an medieval choral chant has stirred her memory. Life's shadows reach for her. But she resists with the power that dances in her hands.

    Ursula Columbine begins a journey... join Kelly Dove, the woman she loves. Leaving the protection of a powerful circle that has sheltered her all her life, she is immediately exposed and threatened by a hungry darkness that craves something only the naive Ursula can give. Weakened and afraid, she finds unfaltering strength in Kelly and other women who are compelled to awaken the power in Ursula that can save them all. But she also finds Autumn in her dreams. Dreams that promise passion but may also lead to oblivion.

    What dark future does the distant past hold?

    Dreams lead to nightmares. Autumn sees the faces of women she might know, women who have always stood by Ursula. But if her nightmares hold true, only she can save Ursula from the centuries-old darkness that made her a legend.

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  • words : 86500
  • Excerpt - Chapter One
Author's Notes
  • The Tunnel of Light Trilogy was inspired by the mysterious legend of St. Ursula and the 11,000 Virgins, and further by the passionate liturgy dedicated to St. Ursula by Abbess (and sometime saint herself) Hildegard von Bingen. It was the music that first drew me to the legends of both women.

    After acquiring several versions of Chants for the Feast of St. Ursula, my favorite remains the recording by Anonymous 4 entitled "11,000 Virgins." It was almost always playing while I wrote this book. Jocelyn Montgomery's "Lux Vivens" is a less traditional rendition, but equally haunting.

    Hurricane Katrina completely disrupted the planned third volume of this trilogy. I still plan to write it, but it isn't currently on any publication schedule.


    Several people have pointed out that when Ursula overhears music that sounds - to her English ears - like "God Save the Queen," she is not listening to "God Bless America." She is listening to *ahem* "My Country Tis of Thee." To that I say, well of course she is. But she's English and is a bit confused. Sure. Yeah. That explains it.


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