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Maybe Next Time by Karin Kallmaker

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The Story...

  • Sabrina Starling doesn't need love. She has fame as a brilliant violinist and unlimited options for female company. Nothing can shake her — except the memory of her very first love. Knowing that neither the teenaged nor adult Jorie Pukui will ever return her feelings, Sabrina has escaped into her music and the arms of other women.

    When injury leaves her temporarily unable to perform, Sabrina finally finds the one woman who could free her forever from the memory of those stolen Hawaiian nights with Jorie. There's one problem. The object of Sabrina’s desire, Diana, is deeply in love with Pam, the woman who has shared her life for the past eighteen years.

    A family funeral calls Sabrina home to the islands, but she no longer believes that the gentle breezes and possible welcome in Jorie's eyes can repair the lives she's shattered, including her own.

    Karin Kallmaker's searing novel of innocent first love and dangerous seduction joins an unparalleled string of critically acclaimed bestsellers that earned her the title of Undisputed Mistress of Lesbian Romance.

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  • words : 80000
  • Excerpt - Aloha
Author's Notes
  • My fascination and love for Hawaiian and Polynesian culture and spirituality is, I hope, reflected respectfully throughout the story.