In Deep Waters #2 – Cruising the Strip – Paperback


In Deep Waters: Cruising the Strip by Radclyffe and Karin Kallmaker

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The Story...

  • Games of chance, games of passion, games of love - roll the dice for a week in Las Vegas with games mistresses Radclyffe and Karin Kallmaker. Whether a public table or a back room invitational, the players want to score, and everybody can't wait to go all in.

    A pit boss who thinks she's seen it all thinks again. A convention planner finds hotel hospitality is on the house. Romance novelists discover that high stakes can yield to extreme passions, if they're willing to call each other's bluffs. The risks and rewards of Las Vegas inspire more than one couple to let it ride. Double down? Inside bet? How about a little insurance when the dealer has the upper hand?

    Choose your game, ante up and enjoy the floor show. All bets are off when these two writers deal the cards, and every hand is a winner.


    1. Following Suit - Radclyffe
    2. Full House - Radclyffe
    3. What Happens in Vegas... - Karin Kallmaker
    4. Snake Eyes - Karin Kallmaker
    5. Let it Ride - Radclyffe
    6. Three of a Kind - Karin Kallmaker
    7. Lucky 7 - Karin Kallmaker
    8. Top-Bottom Ticket - Karin Kallmaker
    9. Switch Hands - Radclyffe
    10. Dealer’s Choice - Radclyffe
    11. Twenty-One - Karin Kallmaker
    12. No Limit - Radclyffe
    13. Hard Ten - Radclyffe
    14. Double Down - Radclyffe
    15. Upping the Ante - Karin Kallmaker
    16. Insurance - Karin Kallmaker
    17. On the House - Radclyffe
    18. Betting Blind - Radclyffe
    19. All In - Radclyffe
    20. Payout  - Karin Kallmaker
    21. Solitaire - Karin Kallmaker
    22. Luck on the River - Radclyffe
    23. Winning Hand - Karin Kallmaker
    24. ...Doesn’t Stay in Vegas - Karin Kallmaker
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  • words : 80000
  • Excerpt - Roll the Dice!
Author's Notes
  • Radclyffe and I enjoyed spreading our worksheets so much the first time, we did it again. Excel and Erotica are like mashed potatoes and gravy.

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