In Deep Waters #1 – Cruising the Seas – Paperback


In Deep Waters #1: Cruising the Seasby Karin Kallmaker and Radclyffe

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The Story...

  • Book passage on a deliciously sensual Mediterranean cruise with tour guides Radclyffe and Karin Kallmaker. Poolside, topside, below deck and ship-to-shore-grab a deck chair and feel the temperature climb.

    From honeymooning couples to strangers with mutual desires, there are no secrets about what goes on between embarkation, midnight buffets, and ports-of-call. Passengers, entertainers, ship's crew, and tour staff explore every inch of each other and their floating paradise. The lounge. The ex's stateroom. The casino. The little room no one else has realized is so handy - and so private.

    It's like no vacation you've ever experienced before when these two adventurous authors lure you into the deep waters where everyone gets wet.

    Bella Books is proud to present best-selling romance authors Karin Kallmaker and Radclyffe's first collaboration.


    1. Panorama - Karin Kallmaker
    2. Uncharted Course - Radclyffe
    3. Music on the Wind - Radclyffe
    4. Cruise Crews - Karin Kallmaker
    5. Return Passage - Radclyffe
    6. Cruising Solo - Karin Kallmaker
    7. Best Seats in the House - Radclyffe
    8. Quick Change Artist - Radclyffe
    9. Group Rate Special - Radclyffe
    10. Right Here, Right Now - Karin Kallmaker
    11. Pool Games - Karin Kallmaker
    12. Chained Melody - Radclyffe
    13. Invitation Only - Radclyffe
    14. Next Door Neighbors - Karin Kallmaker
    15. Luxury Options - Radclyffe
    16. First Time for Everything - Karin Kallmaker
    17. Gladiators - Karin Kallmaker
    18. Lip Sync - Karin Kallmaker
    19. Easy Loving - Radclyffe
    20. Filled to Overflowing - Karin Kallmaker
    21. Count Me In - Radclyffe
    22. Midnight Buffet - Karin Kallmaker
    23. Points of Departure - Karin Kallmaker
    24. Dream Date - Radclyffe Acknowledgements
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  • words : 80000
  • Excerpt - A Spectacular Vista Indeed
Author's Notes
  • What was it like working with Radclyffe? Just what you'd think. We shared a spreadsheet, of course.


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