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“Ice and Fire” by Karin Kallmaker

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The Story...

  • A hike in the high country provides privacy and pleasure for an adventurous lesbian couple with other things on their mind than the view.

What People are Saying:

  • words: 1500
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Author’s Notes
  • “Ice and Fire” was originally published in Ultimate Lesbian Erotica 2005 (Alyson) under the title “Steam.” This revision is substantially changed and longer. Revision ©2016

    Cover photo is ©Karin Kallmaker, 2015. Taken at Cadillac Mountain, Acadia National Park, Maine.


  • Excerpt from "Ice and Fire"

    Our breath steams in the air. We’ve reached our turnaround point for our day hike, a long, flat slab of granite that feels like the top of the world. The rock is ideal for resting and admiring the high country view, especially on an autumn day where there are too few words to describe the blue of the sky.

    Callie’s daypack holds her sketchpad, pencils and chalks. Before the light even hints at fading, she’ll have captured the sky, wisps of clouds, the gray and green mountain and crackling red maple leaves. Beyond all of that lush beauty is the rolling, deep blue of the Atlantic.

    The rest of the world is far away. We had passed no other hikers on the trail up the mountain and our special spot is off the trail. There’s only the sound of trees moving in the cold wind and the rustle of our dried fruit snack and sips of hot tea from the Thermos as we murmur to each other about the splendor of the panorama.

    The air itself is like wine. We settle on our rocky perch to enjoy the sun, then our kisses are like wine, too. It’s easy to feel intoxicated at this altitude. The look in her eyes as she gazes at me leaves me dizzy. When she kisses my palm I let her see the trembling in my arm. Callie hears my gasp and her warm lips curve in a knowing smile. The bright sunlight puts a sparkle in her eyes, and I see her intent there. She isn’t settling for kisses.

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