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Sugar by Karin Kallmaker

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The Story...

  • Sugar Sorenson’s life has just gone up in flames. Literally.

    Struggling to make ends meet, Sugar has invested everything into Cake Dreams by Sugar with hopes of becoming the most sought-after designer of event desserts in Seattle.

    Working — and baking — night and day to perfect her business and her chances of winning a large bake-off prize, she’s not prepared for disaster. Within a few hours she’s got no place to live and no business, not even a bag of flour or a measuring cup.

    Support arrives in the form of an empathetic Victim’s Advocate social worker named Tree, a hunky, charming firefighter named Charlie, and a dynamic, ambitious local TV producer. She’s Emily, and the first of the trio to make a serious play for Sugar in the morning, Sugar in the evening, and Sugar in the afternoon.

    After years as a single lesbian who couldn’t get a heartbeat from any woman anywhere, all this attention has Sugar’s head spinning. Forced to live with her ailing, homophobic grandmother, she has no idea how she'll get to know any of these new women in her life. They all offer changed circumstances, stability and a hope at forever. But which one will she choose?

What People are Saying:
  • Sugar at Books to Watch Out For
    A sweet — but not saccharine — story…
  • Sugar at Lambda Book Report
    …Cake layers, ganache, and fondant – the detailed descriptions of baked goods had me ready to bike immediately to the local café for a triple-chocolate-chip ...
  • Sugar at MegaScene
    A light, frothy story that is just possibly as light as the cakes made by the main character.
  • Sugar at Wishing Well
    This cute novel held me enthralled wondering who cake designer Sugar Sorenson would end up with…
  • Sugar at Book Marks
    Sugar is a literary snack as delectable as the fabulous desserts created by the Seattle chef.
  • Sugar – Goldie Winner!
    Sugar Winner for Best Lesbian Romance “Goldie” at the Golden Crown Literary Society 2005 awards ceremony.
  • Sugar at WomanSpace
    An upbeat romance that begins with a house fire that threatens a woman’s livelihood…
  • Reader Comments about Sugar
    The dialogue is probably the best I have read by this author and she excels at snappy dialogue.
Learn more:
  • words : 68500
  • Excerpt - The Fire is Only the Beginning
Author's Notes
  • Not just food porn, it's cake porn. The wonderful thing about writing is the hours spent pretending I can actually do the miraculous things my characters can. Sugar was specifically inspired years ago by a specialty cake decorator featured in a program about women entrepreneurs. I was fascinated by her artistry and the wedding and party cakes she designed.

    When the Food Network began airing "Ace of Cakes" I was thrilled — it would be Sugar's dream job, wielding fondant and a sharp knife to create works of art that happen to be really tasty cakes.


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