Finders Keepers – Paperback


Finders Keepers by Karin Kallmaker

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The Story...

  • Setting out on the "vacation of a lifetime," Marissa Chabot is well-provisioned with sunblock, rum and a stack of good books. Being one of the founders of Finders Keepers, the successful, high-tech "soul-mate matching service," she knows that vacation romances are hopeless.

    When Linda Bartok - tall, dark and beautiful - sweeps her off her feet anyway, Marissa yields to the magic of a storybook rescue, moonlit walks on the beach and longed-for whispers of passion. Though it hardly seems possible that the Amazonian, adventurous Linda could be truly interested in a desk-bound computer geek, the most erotic encounters of Marissa's life complete her surrender.

    Vacations end. Real life resumes. Waiting for the phone to ring, Marissa wonders if what she had seen in Linda's eyes could have possibly been true. Was it more than a vacation romance? Or was she going to end up losers weepers?

    Finders Keepers, the quest for the perfect mate in the 21st Century, joins Karin Kallmaker’s Just Like That and her other incomparable novels about lesbian love, lust and laughter.

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  • words : 78000
  • Excerpt - Meet Marissa Chabot
Author's Notes
  • Marissa's struggles will be familiar to nearly every woman who reads her story. It's certainly something I've lived with all my life.

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