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Strong character portraits, interesting and informative plots, and engaging storytelling.

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Karin Kallmaker always provides a there there in her romances; she brings the worlds of a diverse group of women to life in her books, be they the owners of wineries (Just Like That), bakers (Sugar), or musicians (Maybe Next Time, Paperback Romance)…

In her latest, Finders Keepers, we meet Marissa Chabot, the owner of an online dating service… There is the inevitable ironic commentary about a woman running a dating service being unhappily single herself, but fear not – girl does get girl.

In addition to being a successful business owner, Marissa is also someone who struggles with her body image and weight. Unlike many romance heroines, those who seem to be physical perfection personified, Marissa probably looks like many of those who will read about her – someone who is attractive, though not in an L Word-lesbian sort of way, and one who is not always happy with her body. During the course of the book, we witness and learn from Marissa’s journey…

Suffice to say that Karin Kallmaker continues her tradition of strong character portraits, interesting and informative plots, and engaging storytelling with Finders Keepers.

Volume 4, No. 2

Finders Keepers – Karin Kallmaker

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