A romance built around a real world and real people.

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“It is remarkable that while reading this novel, I laughed and sometimes choked back tears. I don’t think you can ask more than that of a good book, or from a very good writer.” – Bett

“I would encourage anyone to read this book, whatever your sexual orientation, because although the main characters are lesbians, the themes are universal and could be appreciated by anyone who loves.” – Merce

“Readers should make a date with Finders Keepers.” – M.J.

“I laughed out loud, I pondered, I rooted for the heroine, and I didn’t want it to end.” – Avid Reader

“It will make you think, laugh, sweat and leave you wanting more. I highly, highly recommend this book.” – J.

“…A romance built around a real world and real people. She always seems to do an amazing job of providing the reader with more than just a story.” – Jean

Finders Keepers – Karin Kallmaker

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