All the Wrong Places – Paperback


All the Wrong Places by Karin Kallmaker

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The Story...

  • With days and nights so delicious who cares about tomorrow?

    Brandy Monsoon is looking for love. Since there’s never a shortage of casual playmates at the tropical resort where she works as a fitness trainer, most of the time she gets it, too.

    If Brandy tires of the perpetually curious but primarily straight women, there’s her best friend Tess for a friendly encounter – safe, with no strings. After all, they’re just buddies.

    When an all-lesbian tour group arrives for a week, Brandy is sure she’ll be in paradise on earth. The guests include lesbian celebrity comic Celine Griffin, who has an obvious interest in an after-dinner Brandy. Celine and Brandy do find explosive pleasure together -- so why does Brandy feel as if that’s no longer enough for happiness?

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  • words : 55000
  • Excerpt - A Landscape of Lesbians
Author's Notes
  • All the Wrong Places has all the romance, humor and passion plus a highly explicit range of women with women - take a walk on the wild side!

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