Tell tale warmth, vulnerability, and charm that are so recognizable of this author.

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“There is a fine love story here even without the erotica, but who am I to complain?” K.

“Throughout the pages, Kallmaker describes so well through her characters’ thoughts and actions the difference between sex and lovemaking. Her mix of erotica with the romantic plot is balanced. Her trademark in all of her romances is that she creates intelligent and strong-minded women, and she does that beautifully here.” – Kathi

“…Recommended for both serious fans of erotica and romance as well as anyone who enjoys good, hot storytelling.” – Cheri

“While the book contains more of an erotic flavor, it still has that tell tale warmth, vulnerability, and charm that are so recognizable of this author.” – dwaterway

“This is one of those seemingly simple books that delivers delightful escapist enjoyment from start to finish. The reason it succeeds so well is that the writer truly knows her craft. Romance or erotica? Who cares?!” – Collie Girl

“This may be one of Kallmaker’s most satisfying romantic couplings ever, and that is saying something.” – blondiechick

“It’s fun, hot, realistic sex set in a delightful romantic tale. Given how sweet Kallmaker’s characters can be, it was interesting to see what happens when one of them rolls up her sleeve, so to speak.” – Reader

“This book was red hot emotionally and that’s why, for me, the sex was red hot too. More, I want more!” – Avid Reader

All the Wrong Places – Karin Kallmaker

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All the Wrong Places   

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