...A winsome heroine, hot sex, and an interesting plot.

Lynne Watson for MegaScene

All the Wrong Places is Kallmaker’s first novel for the new Bella After Dark series. It features a heroine with the unlikely name of Brandy Monsoon. Brandy is working at a Club Med type resort. Young, cute, and gay, Brandy finds there are plenty of straight women who are interested in experimenting. Brandy also has a “f*ck buddy” in her good friend, Tess.

Brandy’s life becomes more interesting when an “Olivia Vacations” type group books the entire resort. For a week there will be nothing but lesbians for guests. Brandy is in seventh Heaven when she realizes that one of the entertainers is her idol, lesbian comic Celine Griffin. Celine is more than willing to bed Brandy, and to introduce her to lots of erotic experiences.

When her father dies, Brandy must make the long drive home for the funeral. Having a long, lonely drive to contemplate her life and her choices, leads Brandy to the realization that some of her assumptions may not have been correct.

All the Wrong Places is a rollicking romp of a read. It has a winsome heroine, hot sex, and an interesting plot. If you’ve been wondering and wishing for a walk on the wild side with Kallmaker, your wish has just come true! – Lynne Watson


All the Wrong Places – Karin Kallmaker

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