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Hours Left in Huge Sapphic Fiction Sale

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Twice a year, the team at I Heart SapphFic pulls together an aptly named Book Bargain Bonanza of mostly independently published sapphic fiction across all genres. There’s just a few hours left in the September event with 250 books as low as 99¢ and available in all Amazon marketplaces.

Go Directly to Knight of Nights
My medieval romance with a woman warrior, lady of the castle, and magical moonlight is 99 cents. It’s a short novel published through my own imprint, Romance and Chocolate Ink.

PAGE THREE: Check out stories in Genres that aren’t
Contemporary Romance or Erotica

It can seem like the only sapphic books out there are contemporary romance and erotica, but Page Three proves that wrong. Historical romance is one I love (obviously), and there’s collections of short stories, sci-fi, sword and sorcery, thrillers, young adult, whodunnits, and more.

Contemporary Romance and Erotica that’s 99¢
Speaking of Contemporary Romance and Erotica – here’s all the 99 cent sapphic love and adult stuff you can handle.

Contemporary Romance and Erotica that’s
$1.99, $2.99, or $3.99

And here’s all the rest of the contemporary romance and erotica titles. I love that every entry has a brief description, but you can click to read even more about the story. Clicking on the Amazon link will take you to your Amazon marketplace.

Cut Out the Middleman Algorithms

If my post here is the first you’ve heard about this sale, and that’s the kind of information you generally want to know, then your social media feed – try as all authors might – isn’t showing you information about new books and events. There are many reasons why, but suffice it to say, Facebook, eXTwitter, Instagram, and all the rest, want you to stay on their site, endlessly scrolling their ads.

Allow me to suggest that you’ll save time by simply subscribing to blogs, like I Heart SapphFic and Jae’s widely informative blog. Most authors also send out newsletters – sign up for your favorites! Bella Books carries most current releases and announces everything new before the first of every month. I have my own newsletter that talks about what’s new from me and where you can get it, and I am super serious about protecting your privacy.

Cut out the middleman algorithms and get your information firsthand and immediately.

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