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What’s Your Comfort and Joy?

Karin Kallmaker Comfort and Joy 20 Comments

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Two women in uniform meet in a cemetery on Christmas Eve. The uniforms aren’t subtle: one is a soldier, the other a pastor. The attraction is immediate, but dimmed by the reality of their professions. On the surface, at least, they seem incompatible.

Faith is a tricky subject. For example, along with politics and sports, religion is a topic forbidden from posh dinner parties. We certainly are living in times where discussing some subjects feels about as safe as playing softball with a hand grenade.

Keep Calm and Love On Poster

I can’t find the quote to attribute it correctly, but I tend to agree with my memory of this one: “So much of the conflict in the world comes from the idea that someone has to be right about religion.” For what it’s worth, that leads me to one of my personal philosophies: “I have nothing against guns and the Bible. I just don’t like them pointed at people.”

So how will Milla and Tyna bridge the distance between their first impressions and a surprising, unexpected physical attraction?

That’s the gist of Comfort and Joy, a short novella I wrote a few years ago in an inspired frenzy. The opening scene came to me in a single “download” from the creative heavens, so to speak, as did several others. It’s funny, heartfelt, and sensual, in keeping with the season. And yes, they talk about faith.

Comment to Enter – Audio or Ebook?

Recording an audio version of Comfort and Joy was pure Joy. I brought alive the voices of Milla and Tyna that had been in my head. It also brought me Comfort to write about building bridges between different perspectives.

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So that’s my Comfort and Joy comfort and joy story. Comment here about something that brings you Comfort or Joy or both. Your comment will enter you in a random drawing for your choice of an (U.S.A.) code for my narration of the novella or an ebook download of the novella from my site (anyone, anywhere).

Please specify which you would prefer. I’m giving away several of each. Winners will be notified by a comment post from me Friday morning, December 6 Monday morning, December 9, and by email.

“A sweet holiday romance that is well written and performed.” (Audible Review)

As always, reviews and word-of-mouth are deeply appreciated. Help someone else connect with stories they might like.

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  1. The social media algorithmz did their best to make sure very few people saw this post. That must mean we all have a special connection. So I decided why mess with that and am sending Kait, Julie, Becky, Stacey, Danelle, Shannon H, Lilia, and Rose codes for Audible and Shannon a code for the ebook. That’s everybody who commented – thank you all.

    Congrats everybody! I hope the story warms the season for you as much as it does me!

  2. My family and friends are my comfort and joy, especially my lovely wife, who understands me and makes me laugh.

    1. That’s so sweet! Family and friends are the reason for the season, at least for me. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  3. A cup of hot chocolate while watching cheesy Hallmark movies is my comfort and joy 👌 would love the audio version

    1. A storm blew through Northern California earlier this week, and believe me, I was curled up with a hot beverage, soaking up the warmth and good vibes!

  4. Thank you for this post; I love your thoughts on the matter (“I have nothing against guns and the Bible. I just don’t like them pointed at people”). My comfort and joy this time of year is Christmas lights/displays, and sharing seasonal happenings with my family. Am looking forward to reading this novella, regardless of whether I win it here – interesting premise. If I win, I’d like an e-book please. Thank you!

    1. Thank you for commenting, Shannon. We put out all of our outdoor lights a few days ago, and it’s so cheering to see the sparkle and brightness even when the weather is dreary. Next for the indoor lights and the tree!

  5. My headphones and a cup of hot chocolate on a rainy day has me lost for hours, especially to a great lesbian romance book.

  6. Your books, along with the many other lesbian fiction writers bring me comfort and joy when I can step into the world’s that are in the pages of these wonderful novels!

  7. I was comforted by this story some years ago when I first read it. It would be a joy to hear you put the voices to these wonderful characters. Thank you for your continuing contributions to women’s fiction.

  8. I can honestly say that following you on Facebook, reading your stories and just experiencing your wit and charm, brings me comfort and joy. Thank you! 😀
    Audio please if I win.

    1. Thanks, Kait! Without readers (and listeners) I’d be a crazy woman raving in the corner, so thank you for the joy – and sanity – you bring me.

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