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Pride Flag in the wind

I have few coherent words. KG MacGregor has words and they are all, as usual, very coherent. Please read.

Of course we will see the true stripes of our oppressors today. We will see prettified homophobia and racism substituted for condemnation. It might be as simple as “Of course this was a terrible thing…” while the word “but” hangs in the air. The echo of that long ago and groundbreaking episode of Designing Women when “all the right people died”and idea that there is nothing to see here, just tragedy as usual, so move along.

We’re going to see a sudden rush to push all the responsibility onto either a lone shooter or an ideology outside our borders. Just as Carly Fiorina doesn’t think she bears any responsibility for the murders at Planned Parenthood, Mike Huckabee, the “Family” Research Council and everyone who gives them money will think their hands are clean.

Why should they possibly connect supporting “Kill the Gays” overseas with the #PulseMassacre? They’ll crocodile tear for the camera and whistle while they work. They can shove their “thoughts and prayers.”

For those who think elections and judges don’t matter I have no time for you today.

We aren’t afraid of you

June 12, 2016 by KG MacGregor

To Omar Mateen and all others who plot violence against the LGBT community:

We aren’t afraid of you.

We know real fear. For many of us who grew up lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, our greatest fear was never your automatic weapons, your fists or anything else born in your depraved heart.

Real fear was being unloved. By our parents, our siblings. By our extended families and dearest friends. By our schools, churches, READ ORIGINAL IN FULL

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