Surviving the Lonely Art – Even More Fabulous!

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File this under “It Just Gets Better!” After being over the moon to share stories with Gerri Hill and KG MacGregor about our writing process, I found out that two more prolific, consistent writers will be part of the fun and information sharing! Georgia Beers and Carsen Taite both know how to keep the words flowing and will share their secrets too.

File this under “It Gets Even Better!” because I’m going to be the lucky moderator for the session, which means I get a front row seat, plus they all have to do what I say. Heh. They don’t know the “unquestioning obedience” part yet, so please, let’s keep it between us for now.

If you’ve been wondering if this is the year to find out why GCLSCon has so many rabid fans, the answer is yes, this is the year! This session alone will be full of great advice for writers and a real inside look for readers about how some of their favorite go-to-for-a-good-read writers do what they do.

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Surviving the Lonely Art:
Prolific Authors Discuss Process and Self-Evaluation

Thursday, June 27, 11:30-12:30 (Tentative)
Gerri Hill, KG MacGregor, Georgia Beers and Carsen Taite have between them a catalog of nearly 60 books–with at least six more scheduled for publication in the next year. Yet they use completely different processes for conception, outlining and completion of the first draft. This session will feature each author’s method for getting the work done and approach to editors and editing. Writing is a lonely art, and the authors will also discuss how they self-evaluate long before outside feedback is wanted or available. Moderated by Karin Kallmaker. With audience Q&A. This session is sponsored by Bella Books.

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