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The feeling never gets old – I know what must be inside that heavy box and yet the reality of a new book is always a surprise. The press version of the cover always has so much more depth than the online jpegs. There is weight to it, the pages smell fresh and clean. So pretty …

All of which is to say that Love by the Numbers has arrived on my doorstep. If you pre-ordered a signed copy I’ll be shipping them out today and tomorrow. If you’d like to get a signed copy order one from me and specify how you’d like it signed.

Love by the Numbers cover out of the box

Or you can bring a copy to the GCLSCon in Dallas this summer and I’ll sign it for you, plus it will be available for sale there as well from Bella Distribution, along with loads of other good books.

One unique aspect of this book is that readers on my Facebook page gave many ideas of places my heroines could visit in their travels. The ideas were all great — like a human chess game! — and provided a lot of imaginative fodder, even if only a fraction of them ended up in the book. I hope that I have thanked everyone whose idea and links I used — if I left someone out my profound apologies.

Thank you to all readers. Thank you for buying books. Thank you for sharing your feedback. Thank you for telling your friends. Thank you for writing a review when you enjoy reading a book. Thank you for asking for more!

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