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Unforgettable by Karin Kallmaker

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The Story...

  • Is true love hidden in the moments we can't stop remembering... or in those we choose to forget? There is nothing like a high school reunion to bring the old times flooding back...

    Old Passions... Handsome singer Loretta "Rett" Jamison has built herself a successful career and a repertoire filled with romantic ballads and hot jazz. But her failing relationship with lover/manager Trisha York has left a growing emptiness in her heart. Trisha seems to have found what she needs in the arms of younger women. Can Rett find it on the lips of the classmate who gave her the first real taste of passion?

    Old Secrets... Former Head Cheerleader Cinny Keilor is an All-American girl... with an all-consuming secret. Still blond and beautiful, leggy Cinny is looking forward to reliving those idyllic days of proms and pep rallies. But has she forgotten those steamy nights in the back seat of another girl's car?

    Old Pain... National Science Award winner Dr. Angelica Martinetta is being honored by the reunion committee for her victories in the war against ovarian cancer. But the former outsider has returned to face a different challenge – can she win the heart of the one woman she has pined for all these years?

    From Karin Kallmaker’s unmistakable pen comes this unforgettable story of looking back and moving on, set to a sultry jazz ballad.

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  • words : 70000
  • Excerpt - Karaoke Night
Author's Notes
  • Who doesn't wish they had a voice that could move people to tears? In the good way, not in the Florence Foster Jenkins way. Perhaps Florence was braver than I - I leave the singing to professionals like Rett. And everyone is better off.

    The cover of the Spanish language version Inolvidable features a photograph by iconic lesbian photographer Judy Francesconi.


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