Frosting on the Cake #1 – The Original – Paperback


Frosting on the Cake, Volume 1 by Karin Kallmaker

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The Story...

  • Good books are like good desserts—satisfying and tasty. But who doesn’t want more whipped cream or another dollop of chocolate? “More” is exactly what Karin Kallmaker whips up in Frosting on the Cake. It’s a baker’s dozen of goodies featuring the characters that readers all over the world already know and love.

    The menu is full of sweet, sexy stories inspired by her critically acclaimed and wildly popular bestsellers like Painted Moon, Wild Things, Touchwood, Unforgettable and more.

    Who says we can’t have our cake and eat it too?

    Karin Kallmaker is a three-time winner of the Lambda Literary Award for both novels and short stories, as well as numerous other accolades over her twenty-year devotion to lesbian romance. Readers will also want to look for Second Helpings in Frosting on the Cake 2.


    1. In Every Port: Conversations
    2. Touchwood: Satisfaction
    3. Touchwood: Come Here
    4. Paperback Romance: Key of Sea
    5. Car Pool: Mechanics
    6. Painted Moon: Smudges
    7. Wild Things: Wild Things are Free
    8. Embrace in Motion: Hot Flash
    9. Embrace in Motion: The Singing Heart
    10. Making Up for Lost Time:Hacksaw Pastry
    11. Watermark: The Tapestry
    12. Unforgettable: Unforgettable, That's What You Are
    13. Unforgettable: I Will Go With You
    14. Notes: "And Now a Word...or Two"
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  • words : 69000
  • Excerpt - "The Key of Sea"
Author's Notes
  • A book of sequels, then a sequel to a book of sequels? When I started out writing I never dreamed it could be such fun! Some characters are always ready to update me on their lives (Faith Fitzgerald from Wild Things especially) and others have to be cajoled (Leah Beck from Painted Moon comes to mind) but once they start talking it's just plain fun to write it down.

    A few of these stories have become available as standalone digital shorts or free teasers. Most however, are exclusive to this collection.